Pitch Productions
is a full-service media content company providing end-to-end production as well as individual cinematography and post production services.

Over the last 15 years we have produced commercials, branded content, short form online series, as well as broadcast projects. Our list of clients is as varied as the work in our portfolio, including advertising agencies, marketing firms, government entities, non-profit agencies, record labels and individual business owners. Working with a network of vastly creative directors, cinematographers, editors, writers and musicians, we are able to bring together the right team for each job.

We understand that budget is not everything, and that the most expensive solution is rarely the most creative or compelling. We can work with you, first by listening to your needs, and then by assisting with our expertise to find the most efficient and effective way to reach your target.

We firmly believe that at the end of the day we are only as successful as those we work for.

Pitch Productions is headed by Luis Caffesse and Cliff Wildman.
Luis Caffesse
Luis Caffesse 15 years of broadcast and independent media experience covering radio, television, film, and online. An expert in production and postproduction workflows and producer of several Webby nominated web series. Luis is a longtime contributor and moderator of independent filmmaking web communities DVXuser, Scarletuser and Creative Cow.
Cliff Wildman
Cliff Wildman 13 years of media sales, production and distribution experience with a specialty in producing online video marketing and entertainment. Cliff has spent the past few years working at the forefront of digital media creation and distribution in the emerging online and VOD marketplace.